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Renée Paule

Louder Than a Whisper book cover

Louder Than a Whisper: Clearer Than a Bell

“Whilst walking past my local bakery I was stopped in my tracks by a tantalising smell. I was unable to make out if it was sweet or savoury but felt odd sensations that resembled ‘cravings’. Regardless, the event was full of flavours, urges, feelings of pleasure and the irresistible ‘come and get me’ invitation that at one time would’ve had me walking through the door in an instant carrying out further ‘investigation’. It was while I was lost in these pleasant evocations that it occurred to me what a wonderful and interesting thing had happened; it was all from sensual memory. How is it, I wondered, that I’ve vastly different aromatic experiences when passing a fishmonger’s shop; evoking less appealing memories? It was at that moment I decided to write about the abstract human trait that we call, desire. ”


“If we leave a car standing for any length of time then its engine won’t start without ‘shock treatment’ or by having its battery charged; it needs outside help - a jump start or a push - as it can’t get going by itself. Deep thinking helps us to start our own ‘engine’ but it takes a while to get our motors running smoothly and confidently; our engines have been left standing all our lives. Just like the car, that needs to be taken on a long journey in order to fully charge its battery again, so we need to follow through with anything that comes our way after a ‘What the heck’ moment or perhaps a ‘nudge’ from this book. If we choose to shelve this opportunity then our battery won’t charge and we can’t operate on a higher level of intelligence. Leave a car long enough and it’ll refuse to start altogether and could be costly to get going again.”


Louder Than a Whisper; Clearer Than a Bell is a continuation of my journey of self-realisation. As with Just Around the Bend, it’s illustrated with my character called Dilly who’s always keen to demonstrate some of the points made in my chapters.

Unusually, for its genres, this book is illustrated with a little character I designed and call Dilly (which means something or someone remarkable). Dilly is a thought form that thinks and he depicts some of our most endearing (and not so endearing) human traits. Illustrations are only available in paperback versions.

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Meet Dilly. He's a thought form that thinks

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