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Renée Paule

Just Around The Bend book cover

Just Around The Bend: Más o Menos

“We’ve been creating the dramas for so long now that we don’t realise we’re doing it; we absorb the effects like emotional sponges. Take for example watching a film in the cinema. Our reactions to scenes in the film depend on the genre and include, but aren’t limited to sadness, remorse, anger, fear, disgust, revelation, shock, horror, compassion and hope. Yet, all we did to bring about these reactions was buy a ticket and take our seat. Nothing happened to us personally and we haven’t interacted with anyone off-screen. ”

“Initially, when we observe ourselves; for example, by challenging the mind, things seem rather strange. Imagine you’re driving along a motorway and you’re almost out of petrol. You’re about to pass a service station and the sign tells you there’s another station in forty miles. The mind tells us we’ll make it to the second station but the other voice in our heads says “be wise and fill up here”. However, we tend to listen to the mind as this is our familiar habit, but, this habit gets us into familiar situations; the mind lives on the edge of danger. ”

“Sometimes discerning what’s happening is just a question of changing our perspective. If for example there’s a 1 in 100 chance of winning the lottery, we get more of an idea about what that means when we discern there’s a 99 in 100 chance of losing. If the lottery were advertised this way we wouldn’t buy tickets. When we turn things around they’ll look very different. ”


A compelling and at times uncomfortable look at the world of Humanity through the eyes of one of its inhabitants. You may find yourself nodding your head in agreement and perhaps shaking it in disagreement. However, what you can't deny are the truths contained within about the human psychological condition; in other words, our incredible human traits and behaviour.

Unusually, for its genres, this book is illustrated with a little character I designed and call Dilly (which means something or someone remarkable). Dilly is a thought form that thinks and he depicts some of our most endearing (and not so endearing) human traits. Illustrations are only available in paperback versions.

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Meet Dilly. He's a thought form that thinks

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