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My First Three Books

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The mind is so noisy that it rarely gives us time to see how it operates; the ceaseless dialogue prevents us from achieving peace and quiet. When we try to focus on something or question what we believe to be reality, it will do anything it can to prevent its own destruction. It wants to remain in its current state that is full of desire, the past and the future. We’ve left it to its own devices for too long. When we question and threaten its reign, it fights for survival.

When a child is absorbed in playing, it doesn’t want to stop. It’s set on what it wants to do. It doesn’t want to be distracted from the fun. It doesn’t want to be called away from getting itself all dirty in the garden, splashing around in puddles or any other activity that grown ups all too often discourage, for the sake of keeping a child clean and tidy. When we stop a child in full swing of playing while it’s having so much fun, the result is a tantrum … so it is with the Mind.

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