The amazing little red ball.

© Renée Paule 2017, All Rights Reserved.

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Author and Illustrator of Books about Humanity and its Quirky Traits

Renée Paule


A collection of  high quality artistic animated gifs and rollovers that I’ve made; some simple and some more complex. These animations can be bought for a reasonable price. The amount depends on how much work has gone into them. Please contact me if you’re interested in using one or more of them. Upon receipt of payment I’ll email it to you with the background colour of your choice. Some sizes can be varied. It is not possible to give refunds after the file has been sent.

‘Hover and hold’ your mouse over the little yellow dot on each image to see the animations without any action being obscured.

Sam takes his hat off.

Sam licks his lips after he sees a fly and then smiles for you.

Sam blinking

A little yellow chick is newly hatched from an egg in the nest and tells his first ‘knock knock’ joke.

Watch the traditional wind-up toy car park in the garage.

Traditional wind-up toy car.

Sandra, the mute swan comes in to land on a clear and still lake scene. The only parts of this scene that are ‘real’ are the riverbank and trees and they were edited and cut from an old photograph taken at Hampton Court in England.

See the red and white butterfly come out of the empty cube and then disappear after the wand animates and taps on the lid of the ‘magic’ box.

Beautiful unique Jack in the Box will look amazing on your website.

‘Tank’ the shy tortoise panics when a yellow ball heads straight for him. The ball bounces into the hole in the tree.

Candle flame animation

Feel free to copy and distribute this animation; I haven’t protected it. If you’d like a different background colour then contact me … no charge for this.

A gift of light from me to you

This propeller bi-plane lands and takes off again after a friendly wave from the pilot. This animation was inspired by Richard Bach.

Goth stick girl Annie sitting on a park bench chatting on the phone … her collie dog, Tick Tock, waiting patiently for her to throw his ball.

Lily has just started to learn trampolining. She just can now do the straddle jump.

Goth stick man waiting for a bus playing with a yin yang yo yo.

Art exhibit cake goes missing without a trace. Whodunnit? The room darkens and the blue police warning sirens go off.

Wind up walking, waddling and quacking duck toy animation.


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